RN-BSN Degree Plan

The RN-BSN Degree Plan requires completion of the following:

1. University-specific general education requirements

2. NLN RN Mobility Examination (ACE II) administered by the School of Nursing

The applicant will earn 29 hours of upper-division nursing credit upon successful completion of the examination. The examination must be taken prior to the fall semester in which the registered nurse will enter the School of Nursing. Exams are also available for additional course credit within the curriculum in these areas: Health Assessment, Mental Health, Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology

3. Upper-division nursing courses

  • Fall Term

  • Professional Nursing (3)
  • Evidence-Based Practice I (6)
  • Nursing Theories and Research (3)

  • Spring Term

  • Evidence-Based Practice II (6)
  • Leadership and Management (3)
  • Community Nursing (3)

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