The Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing functions as an educational consortium between Hardin-Simmons University and McMurry University. We accept the underlying philosophies and objectives of the consortium universities:

Individuals will be educationally prepared in a manner that promotes the development of intellectual, cultural, moral and religious values.

The Profession of Nursing

Nursing is a profession that is responsive to the changing health care needs of individuals and is supported by an evolving foundation of knowledge from the arts, sciences and technology. This knowledge establishes a foundation for development of a core competency in professional nursing. Through study and interdisciplinary collaborations, nurses expand their understanding of health, environment and person. This expansion of knowledge provides a holistic foundation for nursing care.

Critical thinking, communication, clinical skills, creativity and self-direction are essential elements in nursing education. Through the educational process, we seek to promote awareness of social, cultural, racial and ethnic diversity and also to provide opportunities for students to experience success in their professional pursuits. We value diversity in students and faculty, believing it enriches professional growth and development. The educational process is a shared responsibility between faculty and students that promotes progressive mastery and increased learner maturity.

A baccalaureate education in nursing prepares a generalist capable of providing and coordinating care for clients. Graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs should be able to synthesize information from various disciplines, reason logically, analyze critically, apply principles of teaching and learning, and communicate effectively with clients and other health care professionals. Graduates should be able to apply knowledge exemplifying legal, ethical and professional standards in formulation of judgment and performance of skills in a broad range of clinical situations and settings. Graduates of the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing demonstrate entry level competencies and function in the role of provider of care and coordinator of care and as a member of a profession.

Implicit in the practice of professional nursing is the acceptance of accountability for lifelong learning as foundation for professional growth, competent practice and effective leadership. Lifelong commitment to intellectual inquiries supports optimal development of both the individual and the profession.